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Local Government provides vital services to the public, with its employees as the most important resource.  Human Resources Services, Inc. (HRS)  provides management consulting services to local government, other public agencies and related civic organizations in areas of human resources and general management.   HRS offers a wide range of high quality professional services to meet the personnel needs of your organization and to strengthen management capacity.

We provide specialized and custom technical assistance and advisory services to cities and towns in current, emerging, and changing issues in human resources and municipal operations.  As your strategic partner, we deliver the consulting services, analyses and tools needed to help develop the personnel plans, guidelines, policies, processes; and management and organizational systems.

Our experts combine traditional consulting skills with public sector, business sector, and human capital knowledge to address the many challenges and needs of municipalities.

News & Updates

Our Passion is Contagious

Posted Dec 12, 2017

Our passion is contagious, and HRS has had a record year in 2017.  We believe that human resources is one of the greatest industries in local government, so we celebrate that every day and enthusiastically share our passion, knowledge and recommendations with our many clients.& ...Learn More

HRS meets with Upton Personnel Board

Posted Dec 10, 2017

Enjoyed conducting our pay and classification methodology training with the Town of Upton, MA Personnel Board. It was a great meeting with excellent questions, suggestions and input. ...Learn More

HRM eBook (ICMA)

Posted Oct 22, 2017

ICMA's popular and leading HRM textbook is available in eBook through ICMA Publications.  It is showcased on the front of their popular website.  Sandy Stapczynski is one of the authors of this textbook which is still a favorite used by many universities, government officials, manager ...Learn More

  • Labor Relations Technical Support

    Human Resources Services, Inc. provides a number of technical support services that are intended to assist in developing and presenting management's position in fact-finding, arbitration, and other situations.  These support servi ...
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  • Workforce Analysis

    At the request of the client, Human Resources Services, Inc. can conduct custom workforce reviews. HRS will analyze the allocation of employees both in numbers and types of positions for each municipal department as compared to other comparable municipal ...
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Human Resources Services, Inc.

We provide specialized technical assistance and consultancy services to cities and towns in current, emerging and changing issues in human resources and municipal operations. As your strategic partner, we deliver the consulting services, analyses and tools to help develop the personnel plans, policies, processes, management and organizational systems required.