Buzz speaks to Managers/Young Professionals of MA, NH, ME...... started in CT

Posted Oct 14, 2017 by: HRS

Municipal expert and mentor, Buzz Stapczynski, was recently invited to speak on a panel at the Massachusetts Municipal Management Association's Boot Camp for New Managers/Administrators.  He spoke about managing relationships with elected officials, board and committee members and residents.  He and the panel gave the audience some helpful tips in successfully managing these important relationships in communities. 

In December, Buzz is speaking on a panel to a group of Managers and Professionals from Maine and New Hampshire (hosted jointly by MTCMA and NHMM) on Engaging and Attracting New Talent to the Municipal Workforce.  Buzz is part of a group who developed a Future Managers Program in Massachusetts and he will discuss its successes. 

Buzz is a lifetime member of ICMA and is ICMA credentialed.  He is an advocate for city/town management form of government.  One of his first projects when he moved to New England, more than 40 years ago, involved working as a municipal consultant for the development of the city management form of government for the City of Meriden, CT.  He retired from the Town of Andover, MA two years ago, and now continues his work as a management consultant with Human Resources Services, Inc. and Municipal Resources, Inc.


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