2022 Northeast ICMA Conference in Boston - A Successful Event

Posted Apr 10, 2022 by: Sandy

Note from Sandy Stapczynski, President of HRS:

It was fun to be a speaker "in-person" at the 2022 Northeast ICMA Conference in Back Bay Boston, Colonnade Hotel.  I was part of a team that included myself, Tricia Vinchesi from ICMA, and Heather Harper from Sandwich, MA.  We had a large, interested group of municipal professionals at our session, and we were happy to present and hope it was a good learning experience for all. The conference was attended by more than 200 government management professionals from Maine to Maryland.

To recap our session:

A Bumpy Road Ahead? Adapting to the New Workplace

What will local government service delivery look like in the next six months, two years, ten years? Is remote work here to stay? How do managers need to refine public expectations in light of our pandemic environment? How have public and private spaces forever changed and what are the long-term impacts? What are the considerations and implications for employees and managers for work in terms of data management, security, policies, continuity and planning? Does pandemic planning need to become a permanent part of our workplace operational strategy? Join a panel of experienced human resource professionals to talk about what the future of work holds for local government.

Learning Objectives:

  • Plan and implement important administrative and legal considerations for local government employees working remotely as the relate to data management and protection, safety and liability, telework policies, continuity and planning in a pandemic environment.
  • Learn strategies and methods for keeping employees engaged and working collaboratively with other team members and how to measure productivity.
  • Monitor and recognize signs of employee mental health issues and ideas for implementing pro-active measures for employee well-being.


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