Our Story

Human Resources Services, Inc. (HRS) was established in 1989 as a d/b/a and incorporated in Massachusetts as an S Corporation in 1998.  HRS is primarily focused on consulting to Massachusetts municipalities, however we provide consulting services to other New England municipalities, public agencies, and civic organizations as the opportunities arise.  The firm specializes in areas of human resources and general management.  Its services include consulting, implementation, and technical assistance; research and evaluation; survey data collection, management and analysis; and strategy, planning, and policy guidance. 

HRS maintains a network of consultants, practitioners, attorneys and other specialists who are available to collaborate on consulting assignments based on the specific project needs and expertise required.  HRS retains its technical resources on a contract basis, which results in keeping its project costs to a minimum for our clients.  In 2012 HRS developed a unique strategic partnership with Municipal Resources, Inc. (MRI) of Meredith, NH.  In recent years HRS and MRI have teamed together to expand the municipal human resource consulting practice in order to meet the growing needs of cities and towns throughout New England.

(Aleksandra [Sandy] Stapczynski is always the leader of the HRS consulting team. She takes great pride in having a hands-on approach in every consulting project.  Sandy has nearly 40 years of active municipal consulting experience, and was only 25 years old when she started working as a professional management consultant to cities, towns, school districts and counties with the Field Services Division of the Massachusetts Municipal Association.  While at the MMA, she was part of a unique and distinctive consulting group that pioneered technical assistance to municipalities in general organizational management, finance, personnel, computer technology, public safety, public works, and training.  As part of the original Field Services Division consultant team [and later known as the MMA Consulting Group], she consulted to all the cities and towns in Massachusetts.  Sandy recognized the need for more focused technical assistance to municipalities in human resources, so in 1989 she started Human Resources Services, Inc., a woman-owned business that specializes in HR management consulting to local government.)

With many years of experience across a wide range of entities in the public sector, our consultants and affiliates are experts in the latest thinking and best practices in public personnel management.  Over the years we have consulted to communities as small as 500 population to as large as 650,000 population.  We have also consulted to some of the largest counties, regional agencies, and public utilities in New England.  As a small business primarily dedicated to serving the needs of local government, HRS takes special care to assure that the costs of its services are appropriate to the benefits derived.

Human Resources Services, Inc. is proud to be the first Woman Owned Local Government Management Consulting Firm incorporated in the Commonwealth of Massachusetts.   HRS is a Massachusetts SDO Certified Women Business Enterprise (WBE).  We have been certified as a WBE for nearly three decades.

Our Consulting Philosophy

  • Involvement of Employees and Municipal Officials
  • Consensus Building
  • Technical Training of Client
  • Quality and Professionalism
  • Realistic Solutions
  • Accessibility to Client

Our Consulting Focus

  • All recommendations are practical and cost-conscious.
  • Our approach is focused on detailed analysis of current issues, providing clients with realistic choices.
  • Specialization and dedication to serving local government.
  • Maintain structured methodologies.
  • Extensive reviews will always precede any recommendations.
  • Use of contemporary technologies, systems and applications.

Client Participation

  • Orientation sessions to groups of employees and local officials.
  • Meetings with department heads, officials, board and committee members.
  • Interviews with employees, managers, and officials.
  • Questionnaires, surveys, and review of draft documents.
  • Presentations of draft and final reports.
  • Secure online database, web-portal, and cloud systems for our studies.


Human Resources Services, Inc.

Sandy Stapczynski, President
9 Bartlet Street, Suite 186
Andover, Massachusetts 01810

Phone: 978-474-0200
Fax: 978-475-7925
Cell: 978-430-2061
Email: hrsconsulting@comcast.net

Human Resources Services, Inc.

We provide specialized technical assistance and consultancy services to cities and towns in current, emerging and changing issues in human resources and municipal operations. As your strategic partner, we deliver the consulting services, analyses and tools to help develop the personnel plans, policies, processes, management and organizational systems required.