Recruitment and Selection

Attracting and retaining capable management personnel for local government is essential for effective service delivery. Human Resources Services, Inc. provides technical assistance in the recruitment and selection process for supervisory and management level employees. Our objective is to assist the municipality through an organized, structured process, to reach out and attract the largest possible pool of qualified candidates. Services provided include: 

  • (1) development of a timetable for the recruitment effort; 
  • (2) advice on outreach activities and advertising; 
  • (3) development of a recruitment profile of the professional qualities of the intended candidate; 
  • (4) development of a record system for managing the recruitment process; 
  • (5) review and rating of resumes; 
  • (6) assistance in determining the appropriate applicants for interview; 
  • (7) assistance in conducting the interviews; 
  • (8) participation in the interview process with the search committee or panel; 
  • (9) preliminary background reference checks on semi-finalists; and 
  • (10) presentation of sample contracts for negotiating purposes.

In 2012 Human Resources Services, Inc. (HRS) and Municipal Resources, Inc. (MRI) established a unique and successful strategic partnership in municipal human resource consulting to meet the growing demand for high quality, professional HR services from municipal governments throughout New England. Since that time we have developed an expanded practice group which has enabled us to support more efficient and effective ways to assist local governments with HR requirements. Together, HRS and MRI have an extensive pool of talented and experienced consultants from all industries of local government who are ready to assist you.


Human Resources Services, Inc.

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Human Resources Services, Inc.

We provide specialized technical assistance and consultancy services to cities and towns in current, emerging and changing issues in human resources and municipal operations. As your strategic partner, we deliver the consulting services, analyses and tools to help develop the personnel plans, policies, processes, management and organizational systems required.